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Kamupak's reusable take-away dishes

Solving the global waste crisis.

Kamupak solves the issue of single-use packaging waste with digital circular packaging system. System consists of the digital recycle and reuse system and the most sustainable reusable takeaway packaging.


While focusing on building the most advanced reuse platform we partner up with wholesale companies for optimized reusable packaging sales and delivery


Saved single-use packages

Reuse and Recycling Reward Locations





Recycled single-use packages


Wholesale/distribution partners


Return rate of reusable items

How Kamupak works

We currently focus on takeout dining, which dominates 50% of all single-use packaging waste in the world. Through our extensive location network, we are making acting sustainably easier for businesses as well as consumers. Our reusable products can be found in restaurants, cafes, kiosks, grocery stores, events and offices. Packaging are pruduced in Europe to minimize environmental impact of production and logistics.

Recycling & reusing

When a KamuDish has reached the end of its life cycle we return it to the manufacturer to be recycled as raw material. Recycling 100% of the material saves a significant amount of new raw material, which significantly reduces the environmental impacts.

Design and production

The main environmental impacts of a KamuDish are caused by its manufacture, material, transportation, and washing. Sustainability and safety of our products are of utmost importance to us.

Using KamuDishes

One KamuDish can be used an average of 100 times. Compared to a typical disposable container, with KamuDish it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions up to 72-95 %.

Less waste

​KamuDish saves up to 6 garbage bags of waste during its life cycle. 

72-95% less CO2

Using reusable KamuDishes instead of disposable containters, you are making a positive contribution to the environmet.

Kamubox handed from restaurant worker to customer
Kamupak, a reusable take-away packaging business, collaborates with Wolt

More than 500 locations

Kamupak has over 500 take-away partners in Finland and Sweden! Our partner network is growing fast. Discover where you can enjoy trash free takeaway

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120 000 users

We have 120 000 active users in Finland and Sweden. In Sweden, better known as &Repeat, we also provide an app that rewards consumers of recycling the disposable packaging.


“Simple, affordable, environmentally friendly"
"Easy system and nice to know that you can reduce waste with it" 

We have a lot of office workers in the building who like to have take away -lunch. They have adapted to this new system well. In addition, they think that the KamuBox is more practical than the alternative single-use box, since it does not leak and keeps the food warm.

Our consumers
Our partners

Featured partners

Let's change the world together #OneMealAtATime

We want to act as a catalyst for new circular economy solutions, both in Finland and abroad. We keep working hard to fulfill our mission of becoming a new, mass-accepted way of consuming sustainably.

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Phone mockup of Kamupak's application for reusable take-away packaging

We are renewing our app!

Soon KamuDishes can be borrowed, free of charge!


When borrowing, the user agrees to return the dishes within 14 days to one of our partner restaurants. Multiple dishes can be borrowed at once.

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We've been
featured by some of the most notable environmental think tanks out there

Some of them are only in Finnish, but bear with us as we expand and take over the world. You will find more and more English news about us. 

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