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  • Ilkka Puikkonen

Kamupak and Wolt are piloting a return system for reusable take away packaging in Hyvinkää

Circular economy pioneer Kamupak and technology company Wolt are piloting a new return system concept in Hyvinkää for the rest of the year, the goal of which is to reduce waste from single-use packaging in connection with takeaway food. In the pilot, Wolt's customers can choose reusable containers from Kamupak when ordering, and return the empty container to Wolt's courier partner with the next order.


Kamupak's reusable containers are designed for takeaway food and have already been used all over Finland in big cities. Previously, KamuDishes could be returned to Kamupak's partner restaurants, but in the new Hyvinkää pilot, customers can return dishes to Wolt's courier partner with the next order.

During its lifetime, a single reusable KamuDish can reduce 6-8 kg of packaging waste, which is equivalent to approximately 6-8 large garbage bags of waste. Kamupak dishes have a 72-95% smaller carbon footprint than sigle-use packaging.

"This is a unique pilot in the world, which utilizes the circular economy in a completely new way in takeout, making it even easier than returning the bottles to the store," says Kamupak CEO Iida Miettinen. "We are very happy that Wolt has started experimenting circular economy solutions on this scale with us."

Iida Miettinen, CEO and Founder of Kamupak

Kamupak and Wolt are aiming at building a truly scalable operating model based on the lessons learned from the pilot, which can be easily replicated more widely in Finland and the Nordic countries. "For Wolt, sustainability is an important part of our operations. The collaboration starting now is an important experiment for us in a new way of helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint, and we look forward to customers' feedback and experiences," says Joel Järvinen, Wolt's country manager for Finland. "We are proud that this unique piloting is being done in Hyvinkää. In Hyvinkää's city strategy, or Pelikirja, sustainable development is one of our pillars. It's great that we can be at the forefront of making an even more sustainable lifestyle possible," Hyvinkää's mayor Johanna Luukkonen commented. The Wolt and Kamupak pilot is running in the Hyvinkää region from October 25 until the end of December 2022. Customers can order food in KamuDish from Wolt's platform from the restaurants participating in the pilot, and return them to Wolt's courier partner with their next Wolt order.

More information


Iida Miettinen

p. 040 845 5561

Woltin contact: Outi Sjöman

Communications Director, Finland

p. 040 5383 491

About Kamupak

Kamupak is a green-tech company, pioneer in the circular economy, which offers a digital deposit solution and reusable takeaway containers for restaurants, cafes, shops, events and companies. Reusable products are easy and safe to use and are suitable for food use. We currently operate in almost a hundred restaurants around Finland. With the deposit system, we ensure that the dishes return to circulation and do not end up among the waste by consumers. Our takeaway dishes can now also be offered to customers via Wolt!

about Wolt

Wolt is a technology company that makes it easy to find and order food and other daily necessities. Wolt develops technology for logistics, grocery trade and financial transactions, and operates the company's own online food store, Wolt Market. Wolt was founded in 2014 and joined forces with DoorDash in 2022. Wolt's headquarters is in Helsinki. Today, DoorDash operates in 27 countries, 23 of which use Wolt's brand and product.


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