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  • Ilkka Puikkonen

Kamupak is piloting reusable pizza boxes with Kotipizza

Kamupak has entered into a collaboration with Finland's biggest pizza restaurant chain Kotipizza to pilot the first-ever reusable pizza box to the Finnish market.

First-ever reusable pizza box in action at Kotipizza

More than 5 billion pizzas are sold worldwide each year and most of them are packed into single-use packaging leading to enormous volumes of cutting trees. According to Data Bridge market research, the global pizza box market (used for take away or home delivery) will increase from current 2.5 billion USD to 3.6 billion by 2029. Read more

Increase in take away and home delivery pizza will lead to consuming more pizza boxes, cutting more threes and increasing the amount of single-use waste.

In Finland, rising consumer interest towards the reusable pizza box is clear, according to Kotipizza's questionnaire answered by 13 500 consumers. Over 85% were highly interested in the solution in order to save natural resources.

Kamupak and Kotipizza have started a mutual pilot project to collect consumer feedback on reusable pizza boxes connected to digital deposit system by Kamupak. More than 12 000 Kotipizza’s loyalty program customers volunteered for pilot testing which also tells about the interest towards sustainable take away and reusable pizza boxes.

“For us this is a great opportunity to expand Kamupak to a new category; pizza restaurants. We expect PizzaBoxes to become a similar if not bigger success story as other reusable KamuDishes has been.

We are especially excited to have a Finnish restaurant chain, Kotipizza as a partner for the experiment. We share the same values ​​with Kotipizza - it is important for both of us to build a sustainable future by reducing the amount of single-use waste. With our new collaboration, we are paving the way for reusable packaging to become an easy-to-use option for every consumer,'' Kamupak's operational director Saara Smith says about the collaboration.

Our product family is growing with more to come…stay tuned!


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