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  • Ilkka Puikkonen

The reuse revolution has begun

It is my pleasure and privilege to start as a CEO in the circular economy company Kamupak from January 1, 2023. A Finnish startup whose mission is to reduce the waste caused by single-use packaging in the world. It is also a great honor to follow the Finnish circular economy entrepreneur guru, tireless idea generator, innovator and true survivor Iida Miettinen, who has done brilliant and pioneering work to increase the circular economy and reuse in Finland.

I am happy to say that Iida will continue to play a significant role in Kamupak, focusing on development, stakeholder cooperation, building a partner network and investor relations, and will continue the valuable work of a circular economy ambassador. "I am happy to transfer the responsibility of CEO to Ilkka, who has extensive experience in growing start-up and scale-up companies internationally. At this stage of Kamupak's growth, know-how is needed to build rapid growth also outside Finland's borders, and Ilkka is exactly the right person for this," says Iida Miettinen.

Never before has there been such a positive and favorable atmosphere for reuse and a genuine will to build a reuse ecosystem in Finland and the rest of the world. . Kamupak acts as a trendsetter and driver of the circular economy and we enable the biggest change in the restaurant and hotel industry in decades.

In the restaurant and hotel industry, many are even talking about a revolution. Home delivery services, e.g. Wolt and Foodora, have significantly increased the number of takeaway meals in recent years especially in Europe, Asia and the United States. The packaging industry produces an increasing number of takeaway-compatible containers, but unfortunately a large part of them ends up as waste in nature or burdens waste management systems even more. (More than 50% of single-use packaging waste found in nature is caused by takeaway food.)

Since 2018, Kamupak has been doing pioneering work to increase the circular economy and solve the waste problem caused by single-use packaging. We have now moved to a stage where the reuse concept has been found to be functional and the best way to reduce the amount of waste caused by takeaway. Feedback from partners, customers and consumers has been excellent. Without these early adopters and circular economy advocates, the creation of a new operating method would not be possible. The transformation needs a change of attitude on the part of consumers, companies and industry associations, but also legislation to speed up the change. Fortunately, with the Green Deal and new regulations increasing reuse, the EU is driving the change to a more waste-free Europe.

With Kamupakis competent, experienced and enthusiastic team, the existing partner network of home delivery companies, restaurants, hotels, events and grocery stores, as well as other circular economy operators, it is a pleasure to start building a globally scalable business and an easy way for consumers to act responsibly, saving natural resources. I am more than excited to pilot a new Finnish success story and a bright star in the sky of the global business world. And above all, it significantly affects the reduction of the amount of waste in the world with the help of the circular economy revolution.

The author is Ilkka Puikkonen, CEO of Kamupak from January 1, 2023.

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