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  • Ilkka Puikkonen

Wolt x Kamupak: Working together to make cities better

Updated: May 11

Kamupak and Wolt are pleased to have signed a global partnership agreement to bring reusable packaging to Wolt's merchant partners and customers. Waste from single use plastics is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our industry. But both organizations believe that every challenge is also an opportunity.

Working together, Kamupak and Wolt are looking forward to scaling the adoption of reusable containers in Finland and beyond. Each Kamupak container helps to reduce our footprint and waste per order by 72-95%.

Since starting our partnership in Finland, we’ve already seen amazing results and impact with reusable containers ordered by customers a day, and that number continues to grow month over month.

“It's inspiring to see our customers and our merchant partners get behind this journey”, says Jamie Saab - Head of Sustainability for Wolt. “We know that this is just the beginning of a long journey but reducing our waste is a key part of our sustainability strategy and our mission, to make cities better places to live for everyone”.

“We are super excited about this collaboration and it supports our mission to reduce waste from single use packaging. It’s also an essential step over the course of our growth and vision to build a reuse ecosystem in the cities and make reuse effortless for consumers”, says Ilkka Puikkonen, CEO of Kamupak.

To learn more about what Wolt is doing to tackle waste, click here

To learn more about Kamupak or to sign up, click here

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