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  • Ilkka Puikkonen

Kamupak and Kespro to cooperate for waste-free take-away

Kamupak and Finnish wholesale operator Kespro have entered into a cooperation agreement that enables Kamupak to increase sales in the HoReCa segment. Kamupak's reusable take-away containers and deposit system are available to Kespro customers at a preferential price.

Kespro is strongly committed to responsibility and offers its customers responsible, ecological and waste-reducing solutions for offering take-away to consumers. Responsible and sustainable take-away offering is a competitive advantage for restaurants, cafes, kiosks and other take-away operators now and in the future. The right type of dishes affects the customer experience and thus sales, but also the restaurant's profitability and result.

For take-away operators, the cooperation between Kamupak and Kespro brings an easy way to switch to reuse or to introduce it as an alternative to ecological disposable dishes in their own supply. Restaurants get all the necessary equipment for ecological take-away meals from Kespro, so to speak, through a "one stop shop".

For Kamupak, the cooperation is a significant opening to expand the reuse ecosystem and gain new customers throughout Finland. "The collaboration supports Kamupak's go-to-market strategy and brings reusable containers and a digital deposit system easily available to take-away operators all over Finland." Kamupak CEO Ilkka Puikkonen states.


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