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Digital Reuse Platform

Kamupak digital reuse platform provides frictionless tools and data to optimize circular economy processes for better environmental impact.

User experience

We focus on providing superior reuse experience for consumers utilizing AI to reduce friction from B2C and B2C reuse processes  by adding educational and gamification elements for reuse.

Impact data

We provide accurate and real-time impact data to all stakeholders and ESG reporting for instance to optimize reuse processes and minimizing negative environmental impact caused by logistics and washing.

real time packaging trackging

Integrated real-time inventory management and tracking of reusable items with automated campaigns to optimize balance between stores.


Providing API for reuse ecosystem partners to integrate and interoperate eg. food delivery platforms, reverse vending machines, washing and logistics providers, POS systems

Quality assurance

Data for reusable packaging producers for quality assurance and optimize recycling and closed loop process as well as react for possible hygiene problems.

Inventory management

Optimizing inventory and storage usage, balancing reusable items between network parties

Reuse platform enabling circular economy for B2C and B2B

Kamupak develops a reuse technology that is applicable for many reuse processes and provides an platform and data for all reuse stakeholders.

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Let's change the world together #OneReuseAtATime

We want to act as a catalyst for new circular economy solutions, all over the world. We keep working hard to fulfill our mission of becoming a new, mass-accepted way of consuming sustainably.

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We've been
featured by some of the most notable environmental think tanks out there

Some of them are only in Finnish, but bear with us as we expand and take over the world. You will find more and more English news about us. 

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